Glue Laminated Post

3-ply or 4-ply Glu-Lam Post – w/ Bottom 6’ Treated.


Multiple members increase strength over solid sawn members. Laboratory tested design values.

Dimensional Stability:
GluLams have consistent dimensions and are straighter and available in longer lengths (up to 40’) than solid sawn members. GluLams are also resistant to twisting and splitting.

Kiln Dried CCA lumber which allows finished post to weigh approx. 60% of similar sized treated solid sawn member.

Structural adhesives mean nails and lags hold without splitting plys as with nail laminated columns. Also no nails or plates to damage saws. Untreated tops reduce exposure to CCA and allow use of standard fasteners. (non-corrosive)

GluLams are competitive priced and do not carry the high premiums for longer lengths as solid sawn members.